Náutica y Deportes Tenerife

Almost 40 years of experience

Náutica y Deportes Tenerife S.A. has a professional trajectory of almost 40 years. In 1975, when the company was founded, the facilities were located in the area of Los Rodeos, in La Laguna. In 1980 we became incorporated. Later we moved to a more centrally located facility on Castro Street, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In 1982, we began to render service in Radazul Marina, in the municipality of El Rosario. Currently all of our facilities are located in the Fishing Dock of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port. Our main business is importing professional and leisure boats, motors, both inboard and outboard as central, refills, accessories, nautical school, etc … Nautica y Deportes Tenerife has one of the best facilities nationwide within the field of recreational boating, with 33,000 square meters of ocupation dedicated exclusively to services.

The group at present

Detalle de barco en exposiciónNADETESA employs 22 people, distributed among different centers: sales and administration Tenerife Marina. Our staff is highly qualified to provide a complete service: we advise you when you want to buy a boat, motor or accessory; we can also help in the after-sales service and maintenance. Thanks to continuous training in specialized mechanics, we are up to date about the latest technologies of the industry. Throughout the year, we attend various sectoral appointments, so we are up to date, informed to provide the best options that suit you. Besides, in each of the Canary Islands we have a network of sub-agents that are responsible for serving our customers. The mobile technical service with which counts this company, provides services in less than 24 hours in any of the Canary Islands. You will be satisfied thanks to the efforts our team of  professionals!

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