Varaderos Anaga

Varaderos Anaga - nave Varaderos Anaga is an enclosure that has a plot of 5,500 square meters, located in the heart of the Fishing Dock in the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

We also have a 600 square meter hangar that is 12 meters high and in which can do all kinds of painting and repairs under cover as well as anti-osmosis treatment, antifouling paints, etc.

Varadero (dry dock) service is a unique service in the region. We own modern machinery such as an elevator or Fork Lift for light sailing boats up to 8 meters in length and 5 tons of weight; or a Travel Lift with capacity up to 64 tonnes and 24 meters in length.

Varaderos Anaga is located in the Fishing Dock of Tenerife, which although initially was conceived for fishing-related industries, now is hosting other activities like logistics, various industries and auxiliary enterprises. Thus, this area offers a wide range of services in various fields related to the port activities.


  • Dry dock area: 5.500 m2.
  • Travel lift 70 tons, forklift up to 8 m in length.
  • Pressure water cleaning services.
  • Osmosis treatments.
  • Water, electricity and compressed air.
  • Mechanic workshop and welding.
  • Repairing and paintings.
  • Waiting jetty and breakwater.
  • 24 hours monitoring.
  • Dressing rooms.
Number of berths at waiting pontoon
(water and electricity NOT available):
Tow places: 30
Dry shelves: 24
Maximum Draft: 3,10 meters
Maximum length: 24 meters
Max beam: 6 meters


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