Exposition and garage

¡Más de 25 años de experiencia y 33.000m2 a tu servicio!


Visit our large exhibition of  industry-leading brands boats and engines. We have a permanent catalog of ships of different categories of prestigious brands and solvency: new, on offer and bargain rates. We also assist private owners to sell or change your boat. Come to visit us and we will advise you professionally on what boat, motor or accessory best fits to your needs.





In addition, we also have a large stock of spare parts, accessories and marine supplies, in order to tune your boat or motor. In our headquarters, as well as in administration offices, there are being conducted training activities in qualifications for recreational boats, advicer’s office, and classroom conventions and training.

Garage and technical service

In our facilities we also have several workshops and appropiate facilities for the repairing and maintenance of boats and engines. Put in the hands of our professional service your boat for any intervention:

  • Technical garage
  • Repairing
  • Paintings
  • Maintenance
  • Installation of  accessories
  • Welding

Soldadura de acero inoxidalbe y aluminio

Trabajos de pintura, pulidos y reparaciones en fibra

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